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Electrifying Brand Activations: How K2 Creative & Green Cactus Powered Up Ford at Kibly Block Party

Updated: May 21

Festivals are more than just music and good vibes; they're a hotbed for brand engagement. But how do you cut through the noise and leave a lasting impression? At K2 Creative, we've cracked the code, and our recent collaboration with Green Cactus at the Kibly Block Party in Salt Lake City is a prime example. We transformed the Ford brand into an electrifying festival experience, delivering major ROI and attendee engagement.

The Challenge:

Ford wanted to make a big splash at the Kibly Block Party, a music festival known for its energetic crowd and innovative spirit. The goal was to create a space where festival-goers could connect with the Ford brand in a meaningful way, while also generating leads and excitement around their electric vehicle line, the Ford Lightening.

The Solution: The Ford Lightening Lounge

K2 Creative and Green Cactus joined forces to design and execute a multi-faceted activation that would immerse attendees in the Ford Lightening experience:

  • Branded Charging Tables: A practical and stylish tie in for the "Ford Lightening Lounge" theme of the space. Perfect for the ever-connected festival crowd and reinforcing Ford's focus on technology, convenience, and electric vehicles.

  • Graffiti Art Wall: A vibrant backdrop for photos and social sharing, showcasing Ford's commitment to urban culture and creativity.

  • Branded Games & Accessories: Interactive elements that encouraged playfulness and brand interaction, fostering positive associations with Ford.

  • Ford Vehicle Showcase: Displaying Ford's latest models, including the Ford Lightening and Mustang Mach-E, sparking curiosity and conversations.

  • Vegas Getaway Contest: Driving engagement through QR codes placed throughout the lounge, giving attendees the chance to win an unforgettable Ford-powered trip.

Results That Rocked:

The Ford Lightening Lounge was a resounding success, with:

  • Non-stop foot traffic: The space was consistently packed with festival-goers throughout the three-day event.

  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback: Attendees raved about the lounge's unique atmosphere and engaging activities.

  • High engagement with the Vegas Getaway contest: The QR codes drove significant traffic to Ford's landing page, generating valuable leads.

  • Strengthened partnerships: The collaboration between Ford, Kibly Block Party, Green Cactus, and K2 Creative solidified a winning formula for future activations.

The K2 Creative & Green Cactus Advantage:

We are more than just vendors; we're strategic partners who understand the unique needs of both festivals and brands. Our integrated approach combines creativity, logistics, and marketing expertise to deliver exceptional results.

For Festivals: We help you maximize sponsorship value and create memorable experiences that resonate with your attendees.

For Brands: We design and execute activations that go beyond mere visibility, fostering genuine brand connection and driving measurable ROI.

Ready to Elevate Your Next Event?

Contact K2 Creative today to learn how we can transform your brand into an unforgettable festival experience.

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