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Should You Add Your Social Media Handles to Your Business Cards

Updated: Jun 4

You created a Facebook page for your business and you have an Instagram account you've posted a few pics to. Now what? How do you direct people to your pages? Do you include your handles on your business cards? Here are a few things to consider when you're starting your businesses and excited to engage your audience on social media.


1. Keep it Consistent

If possible, when starting a new business and deciding on your business name and your website URL, include a social media handle search in your initial discovery process. It's best if you can keep your website and all of your social media handles consistent. This isn't always possible given the amount of social media channels you may be marketing on. However, if you can find a way to brand your business and keep your URL and handles all the same, then do it!

2. Avoid Adding Digits

Try an avoid things like adding a 1, the year you started your biz or your zip code to the end of your handle in an effort to make it unique. Unless digits are part of your company name or brand, adding digits to your handle evokes a less than professional image.

3. Include a Unique Descriptor

If you need to add words to your handle due to it already being taken, try adding relevant words or unique descriptors people may already associate with your brand while doing a general browser search. This not only helps with keeping your handles consistent, but also reinforces your branding and/or specialty.

4. Avoid Hyphens

Avoid adding hyphens, underscores and intentionally misspelled words to your handle as they're easily forgotten or missed.

5. Add Handles to Your Digital and Print Marketing

You can easily add your social media handles to your business cards, email signatures and marketing collateral. This is a great way to indicate to your contacts the best way to stay connected to you and your business. If you've managed to keep your URL and social media handles consistent, then you can simply use social media icons to indicate which platforms you have a consistent presence on. Conversely, you can add your specific handles similar to how you would add multiple phone numbers. Just be sure to customize your social media handles and DO NOT keep any generic links they may auto assign when you initially create your accounts. To keep your cards from becoming visually overwhelming and cluttered, enlist the help of a professional graphic designer to create an on brand business card which clearly conveys your brand message.

6. Utilize QR Codes

QR codes make it easy to direct fans to your social media accounts without the hassle of them having to type in and search each platform for a potential match. Basic, custom and dynamic QR codes are readily available and can be used in all sorts of marketing collateral such as business cards, banners, vehicle graphics, post cards and more. Users simply scan the code with their smart phone camera and are given a link which directs them instantly to your various social media accounts. You can create simple QR code for free from several online sources or ask K2 Creative to create a custom and dynamic QR code for you. The great thing about custom QR codes is we are able to incorporate your logo, brand colors and you also give detailed reporting on code scans.

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